Our main base is located at “Shimajiri Nouson Kouen (park)”.

Shimajiri Nouson Kouen
Shimajiri 9-2, Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa


Map code:669 501 469*16


●Let’s start from Kume Island Resort. Take the road to the south.

●You’ll soon see this sign; go straight and head to Shimajiri.

●Go straight – you’ll bypass an Italian restaurant “Backshore Ranch” on your right.

You may want to take some moment and enjoy the beautiful coastal view.

●Continue as the road is – you’ll go up the hill and… there it is! You’ll find the fancy small Shimajiri village.

●Go down the slope, but slow down. You’ll be taking right on the first path.

●Turn right!

You’re now entering into the village; please respect the local rule and slow your car down below 20km/hr.

●Take the next road to the right again. You may already notice, the park you see on the right is the goal!

●Welcome! Please pay attention to small kids while entering the park.